All brands / assembled Pc repair service.
Software recovery and installation, virus cleaning.
Components replacement and repair.
Complete hardware cleaning.

Hardware repair and replacement We repair or change your defective hardware components, mother board, video card, power supply, ram, hard disk, dvd drives, cpu.
Software Reinstallation Windows, Apple and Server operating systems installation, configuration and recovery.
Update/optimization Software and OS update. System optimization and speed-up.
Virus/Spyware Is your computer behaving abnormally? Is it slow? does it shut off or reboot on it’s own? We can scan you system and remove all virus and unsafe/unwanted programs..
PC Cleaning Generally alot of dust is accumulated inside computers, this can decrease/stop system cooling fans from working. This can create serious problems, noise and performance decrease, ultimately breaking the computer. It is highly suggested to clean computers once a year.
Hardware Upgrade Add ram memory, increase storage, change components to increase computer performance. It’s not always necessary to buy a new computer, sometimes it is sufficient to make small changes to improve your old system.