notebook repair
Notebook repair, component replacement, complete hardware cleaning, software reinstall, virus cleaning. We service all notebook brands.

LCD / Inverter Replacement

Notebook keyboard replacement or repair

Virus, Spyware

Your notebook is behaving abnormally when connected to the internet? It’s slow, shutting off or restarting by itself? You most likely got a virus. We will scan and remove all viruses and unwanted programs

Overheating, Cooling fans

Your laptop heats up a lot? It turns off by itself while you’re working? In this case, it’s time for a checkup of the cooling fan, it’s suggested to do this as soon as the problem occurs, before you burn the motherboard. The cooling system is cleaned with appropriate products, verified and if needed replaced with a new one.

Format and cleaning

Feel like starting from zero because your system is now slow and unstable because of all those programs and data? No problem, we will backup all you files and personal data (email, bookmarks, documents, videos, pictures etc..) and format your computer so it will return like the first day you bought it.