IT Support & Contract


The assistance packages are dedicated to all those companies that are in need of hardware installation, client, server and network maintenance throughout the year.

Our packages are designed for realities that need an elevated number of hours of assistance at subsidized prices.

Per-call assistance is recommended for those who have occasional support needs, normally it is convenient for those who make less than 15 assistance requests per year.

Assistance may be provided in two ways :

On Site

On Site support involves sending a technician at the customer site. This is the most common type of support. It is required in cases where the technician has to physically operate on the customer’s hardware.


The Remote Assistance is performed by a qualified technician who connects through the internet to the customers network. The designated technician can take action immediately to solve the problem in the shortest time. In cases where the remote intervention is not decisive, on site support will be necessary.

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