Configuration/installation of internet connection at home and office, wireless networks installation, mobile internet device configuration

Set up of internet connection at home and office. We take care of installing routers/switches to share Internet access on multiple computers, game consoles and mobile devices. Implement a wireless network to allow internet access in all rooms without the need of stuctural intervention.


Business/home network design and implementation to allow file and device sharing, VPN and remote connections.

Installation/configuration of cabled and wireless networks to allow internet access, file and device sharing on multiple computers, consoles and mobile devices. Possibility of installing servers, setting different access permissions (time limit, internet access limit, program usage block, etc.) Remote access configuration to allow usage of various devices.


Installation of cables, routers, switches for wired networks

Wired networks are ideal if your reality doesn’t allow the use of wireless tecnology .Provides increased security of your data and privacy. Avoids signal interference, increase the speed and stability of the network.