Computer and network monitoring is possible through the installation of specific software.

Once these programs are install you can control:

  • Everything that is done on your computer
  • What programs are used and how much
  • Which websites are visited
  • The conversations through chat programs
  • Emails sent and received.

This type of service can be very useful for parents that want to monitor their children’s PC usage and for an administrator or an office manager who wants to control the activities of employees, staff and consultants.

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Control and block content

One of the risks of a minor surfing the internet is pornographic and violent content. Porn sites are renown for spreading viruses and malware that will harm your computer and put your data at risk.

With control systems such as Parental Control you can block the viewing of violent content, pornography, social networks etc .. to users by ensuring that access to these is available only to some.


Software selection and blocking

It is possible to block and/or select the software to be used by one or more users (chat, browser, games, etc …) on the PC.

This limitation computer usage can:

  • Eliminate the possibility of installing programs and / or download files
  • Limit the hours of use.