IT Consulting

We provide businesses with advice on how bes to use information technology in order to achieve certain goals or business objectives. Introducing systems, software and hardware to simplify and improve office procedures.

What we cover:

Management, updating and maintenance of the entire corporate computer network in regards to both the hardware and software;

Account and network access management;

Data security and integrity management;

Consulting and technical advice on IT purchases.

We carry out many other activities on behalf of the customer, such as, for example, the coordination of any other service providers, acting as a technical interface for the resolution of various problems, in order to maintain full functionality in all the apparatuses . Every problem and every need related to the functionality of the system is taken care off, always offering the best choice in terms of potential, completeness and costs.

The assistance is a continuous activity that, if implemented appropriately, enables customers to grow and optimize their resources. It is therefore necessary that a strong relationship of trust is developed, in which the customer feels followed and cared for in the best way.

Vanguard pays particular attention to the creation of an exclusive relationship with the customer, through a constant listening of his needs, calibrating the operational and management solutions and always acting with the utmost professionalism and competence.